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Why You Should Work With a Probate Attorney

Law Offices of Julie A. Schejbal, CHTD Oct. 20, 2023

Top view of probate law book with gavelProtect Your Loved One's Assets During Probate

Ease the burden associated with passing your estate on to your loved ones by seeking an experienced probate lawyer in Dunkirk, Maryland, to provide you with comprehensive probate law services. Law Offices of Julie A. Schejbal is a law firm dedicated to aiding you through the entire probate process with the skills, experience, and knowledge necessary. Since 2000, Julie A. Schejbal has served clients with compassion and genuine concern for their well-being and for their estate.

With more than 25 years of experience as a probate attorney, Julie A. Schejbal is the name to trust when you need someone to handle the administering of your estate. She works tirelessly to make sure that your every wish is carried out to the letter once you have passed, and that your loved ones get everything they are entitled to under the law.

When Do You Need a Probate Attorney?

Probate law is defined as the part of the legal process concerning the dividing of your estate once you have passed. Julie A. Schejbal's law firm is devoted to reducing your stress by giving you compassionate and thorough legal advice and assistance as a professional estate probate lawyer. The probate process includes:

  • Paying Any Remaining Taxes

  • Gathering the Deceased's Assets

  • Handling the Deceased's Affairs & Property

  • Making Sure the Deceased's Debts Are Paid

  • Locating Heirs

  • Liquidating Assets to Pay Bills & Expenses

  • Distributing Assets to Beneficiaries Identified in the Will

If you are the owner of a large estate or multiple properties, you need a knowledgeable attorney to shore up your defenses in case you pass away. You do not want an inexperienced lawyer leaving gaps or ambiguities in your estate, making it difficult for your appointed beneficiaries to get all that they are entitled to. Dunkirk, Maryland probate attorney Julie A. Schejbal is capable of not only ensuring that everything is in order but also defending your estate and wishes in the court of law should anyone contest your decisions after you pass.

Estate Probate Lawyer for More than Wills

The job of an attorney who focuses on probate law does not end at administering your will. Julie A. Schejbal will handle everything from guardianships to conservatorships of minors, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing every aspect of your life will be handled after your passing.

Contact Julie A. Schejbal today for a probate attorney that will work tirelessly to ensure your estate is in order. She is proud to serve Dunkirk, Prince Frederick, Solomons, Bowie, and Upper Marlboro, Maryland, and the surrounding area.