Incapacitated Adult Guardianship

Incapacitated Adult Guardianship - Maryland

If you are the friend or family member of an adult who can no longer care for himself, you may want to become the legal guardian of that person. As the legal guardian of an incapacitated adult, you will be responsible for caring for them and make decision on their behalf. If you want to become the legal guardian and an incapacitated adult in Dunkirk, Maryland, let attorney Julie Schejbal assist you.

What Kind Of Process Can I Expect?

The process for becoming the guardian of an incapacitated adult can be lengthy and even confusing at times. Hiring an attorney to help you with the process can make it much more smoothly. You must first petition the courts to become a guardian. After that, the incapacitated adult will be interviewed. Friends and family members of the incapacitated adult may also be interviewed. The court will appoint a nurse or doctor to evaluate the mental capacity of the individual and an attorney to represent the incapacitated adult in court. All of these things will be taken into consideration when you go to court and the judge will then determine if you will be granted guardianship.

Why Do I Need An Attorney

Your attorney will help you get everything in order for court and represent you at the final hearing that will determine if you are granted guardianship. If at any point you have question about the process or what to expect, your attorney will help guide you. . If another family member challenges your petition, your attorney can fight for you. If you have a friend or loved one who has recently become incapacitated and you feel that you would be the best guardian or caregiver for them, your attorney will fight to make sure you are granted guardianship.

If you are fighting to become the guardian of an incapacitated adult in your life, don't fight alone. Let an experienced attorney help you. Call Julie Schejbal in Dunkirk, Maryland today at (301) 812-0200, or (410) 286-8100 and get the legal assistance you need.